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Digimind is leading SaaS social media monitoring and competitive intelligence company utilized by enterprise companies and the agencies working with them. The company offers multiple solutions:

  • Digimind Social – for understanding your audience, measuring your social marketing ROI, and analyzing your reputation.
  • Digimind Intelligence – offers competitive and industry monitoring so you can anticipate market shifts and identify business opportunities.
  • Social Command Center – a real-time display center to showcase your brand’s social visibility.

Digimind social command center

With Digimind Social, you can monitor, analyze, engage, report, measure ROI, and manage your reputation online.



Visual Listening

Digimind is unique in that they partnered with Ditto and integrated an image recognition system to their toolset, offering brands the opportunity to monitor social mentions that may be visual without a textual mention!

Ditto Visual Listening

This advancement can be utilized several ways:

  • Performance analysis of a sponsorship or partnership during a music, sports or cultural event, as well as measure brand exposure in terms of visual posts which do not mention the brand in writing.
  • Discover new influencer communities or potential brand ambassadors who post images of the brand but don’t mention it in-text.
  • Get a clear understanding of consumer habits and sentiment towards the brand’s products and services.
  • Brand protection against fraud, such as counterfeit products, thus mitigating a potential crisis.

Social Competitive Intelligence

digimind competitive intelligence

  • Social at Scale – Get access to the full Twitter Firehose, Pinterest, Instagram and all major social networks with more than 120 million pieces of information monitored every day.
  • Advanced Monitoring – Get access to extraction tools, intelligence crawlers, password-protected sources and the invisible web.
  • Text Mining – Natural Language Processing Technology based on machine learning and semantic analysis engines for automatic categorization and event detection.
  • Real-time Analysis – real time analysis of historical data with 14 exclusive analysis engines.
  • Collaborative & Social – Manage global projects for teams of all sizes with rights management, social mechanisms and collaborative features.
  • Deliverables – Newsletters, printed reports, alerts, watchlists, websites – both on desktop and mobile (including iOS and Android).

Sony has chosen Digimind for our social media activities as their tool catered to our requirements, coupled with strong clientele and quick turnaround time to our requests. Tan Khim Lynn, Sony Business Manager

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