Why Digital Asset Management is a Critical Component in the Marketing Technology Ecosystem

Why DAM is a Critical Component of the Marketing Technology Ecosystem

As marketers, we deal with a variety of tools and applications on a daily basis. From marketing automation to sales tracking to email marketing, we need these tools to do our jobs effectively and manage/track all of the different campaigns we’ve deployed.

However, one piece of the marketing technology ecosystem that is sometimes overlooked is the way we manage our files, including media, images, text, video and more. Let’s face it; you can’t just have a folder on your computer to manage projects anymore. You need a central repository for your team to access and share the necessary files while also keeping it organized. That is why digital asset management (DAM) is now a critical component of the marketing technology ecosystem.

Widen, a DAM provider with extensive integrations, created this infographic on why DAM is a necessary element of the marketing tech ecosystem, showing the different ways it facilitates our jobs as marketers on a daily basis. Some interesting findings from the infographic include:

  • Marketers plan to increase digital spend for content management by 57% in 2014.
  • 75% of companies surveyed place strengthening digital marketing content strategies as the top digital marketing priority.
  • 71% of marketers are currently using Digital Asset Management, and 19% plan to use DAM this year.

Check out their infographic and learn more about how you can use DAM for your business.

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Disclosure: Widen is a client of ours and is a leading digital asset management software provider.  To see the infographic on Widen’s site, click here

Why Digital Asset Management is a Critical Component in the Marketing Technology Ecosystem


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