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How To Perform A Skills Gap Analysis For Your Digital Marketing Agency

As your business grows, so will the skills you need to implement your business strategies.

Get where you are now; you’ll get where you want to be. How do you know what skills your agency needs, and how do you prepare your work environment for the company’s future requirements? Skill gap analysis comes into play.

A skills gap analysis is a strategy that can recognize gaps between an employee’s current skills and the critical skills an agency needs, to work on projects. This definition refers to ongoing or planned projects that will be undertaken in the future based on the company’s objectives. 

A skills gap analysis typically consists of five specific steps:

  1. Make a plan
  2. Identify important skills
  3. Measure real skills
  4. Analyze data
  5. Take action

Skill gaps arise for a variety of reasons. Automation, new technologies, social movements, remote work, and the economy have changed our profession. As our business evolves, so do the employee’s skills and employers’ values. Therefore, it is natural for marketing agencies to face skill gaps once in a while.

Why should digital marketing agencies conduct a skill gap analysis?

A gap skills analysis can help a digital marketing agency develop its hiring strategy, increase employee value, and help the agency differentiate from its competitors.

There are endless reasons why a skills gap analysis can drive a digital marketing agency’s objectives through the learning and development process. Here are some of those reasons:

  • It increases employee engagement and commitment
  • It provides full transparency and recognizes where gaps exist
  • It offers a strategy for hiring
  • It makes long-term personnel planning possible
  • It includes analytics which helps you keep an up-to-date listing of your resources
  • It increases productivity
  • It promotes personal learning and growth
  • It keeps your business up to date with new technology improvements
  • It can beat the competition

How to identify skill gaps in an agency?

Skills gaps can exist when an agency needs more support in completing essential projects and meeting goals.

The skill gap is a widespread challenge in digital marketing agencies as departments develop without having the proper training and staff to carry on with changing requests.

To take advantage of digital marketing opportunities, agencies should close the skills gap by mastering the necessary digital marketing skills, offering them in the most beneficial way to employers, and differentiating themselves from their competitors.

Here are some methods that can collect data and identify skills gaps in the workplace.

  • Recognize your agency’s objectives 
  • Using pre-employment screening and other assessment strategies 
  • Gather enough information about your employees
  • Decide what you need to do to reach your goal
  • Conduct comprehensive reviews
  • Rate the significance of each skill
  • Do extensive observations
  • Measure employee performance 

Once the gaps are identified, they should be addressed as soon as possible to close them. The following tips can help you close your digital marketing agency gaps.

  • Develop soft skills
  • Hire employees for their attitude
  • Train employees for skills
  • Create customized learning methods.
  • Use strategic initiatives
  • Combine different learning methods
  • Offer guidance to employees
  • Use a learning management platform
  • Follow up on employees’ s progress and their impact

When should digital marketing agencies conduct a skill gap analysis?

A skills gap analysis is typically conducted when business strategy or employee responsibilities change.

A skills gap analysis is not a one-time business activity. Whenever you expand or change your business strategy, pay attention to whether your employees have the soft and hard skills to execute it. 

Identifying if you need a skill gap analysis or not depends on the task your agency is trying to accomplish.

This task could be individual level or team/company level. A skill It’s easy to perform a skills gap analysis. Anyone from the HR director or team manager can find skills gaps at an organization-wide or team-wide level. Skill gap analysis isn’t a one-time job, meaning you must perform it regularly.

Below are the steps you can take to conduct a skills gap analysis for your digital marketing agency:

  • Identify crucial Skills
  • Evaluate existing skills.
  • Decide about the company strategy
  • Analyse Data
  • Create a plan to fill the insufficiency
  • Train employees to help them evolve essential skills
  • Hire new talent 

What is a skill gap analysis template?

Many companies use a skills gap analysis template to streamline, organize, and collaborate the analysis process. You can objectively evaluate candidates and employees with the Skills Gap Analysis template.

This template ranks employees or candidates after comparing them with each other instead of just randomly evaluating them.

This process means that no one is selected because of special consideration. Instead, it shows where some individuals are good and where more development is needed.

The gap analysis template measures the gap between business reality and goals. You can easily show employees where they can still grow. A skill gap analysis template is a great way to visualize data and show where your business is struggling and developing.

Some of the benefits of using a gap analysis template

The skills gap analysis template is a tool that helps you make your process faster and more consistent, determine your next steps, and build a strong team. You can also manage archival data to see how training can improve employee performance.

Gap analysis templates are hosted in a joint Google Sheets so HR team members can collaborate to decide the next steps.

Skills Gap Analysis Template

It is a straightforward method for sharing information to create a comprehensive culture and substantial employee value.

Finally, the skills gap analysis template offers a record your team can continuously use to improve. A regularly scheduled skill gap analysis helps agencies understand what’s working and what’s not.


In summary, skill gap analysis motivates employees and gives them a competitive advantage. But it’s not a one-time job. Instead, after completing the initial analysis using the steps above, the skill gap analysis continues to maintain an up-to-date skills archive. This feature allows you to add, remove, and edit skills owned by each employee. You can also adjust employee skill levels as you work with them to improve their skills. These features make it easy to perform a skills analysis and document the results of the steps you are taking to close your skills gaps.

Skill gap assessment is a challenging task. It takes time, effort, and resources, but it’s worth it in the end. Understanding the skills your agency needs to reach its goals and the gaps that exist can better improve your digital marketing agency through training and hiring.

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