How to Generate Value from Digital Marketing

value digital marketing

Just this week I was interviewed about the optimization work we do and one of the problems we find central to many of our prospect and clients’ marketing efforts is that they want they don’t build the sites for their prospects and clients – they build it for themselves. Don’t bet me wrong, of course your company wants to love your site and even use it as a resource… but it the hierarchy, platform, and content should be designed and optimized for customer acquisition and retention. This infographic is from FunnelEnvy – a company supplying conversion optimization, A/B testing and analytics consulting services.

Every online business is investing in some way in digital marketing and a look into the Google Trends data suggests that more marketers and organizations are trying to figure out the best ways to realize a return on that investment. In this infographic FunnelEnvy pulled together some relevant activities, statistics and trends about Customer Acquisition and Customer Optimization, two sets of activities that marketers need to balance to generate value.

Value of Digital Marketing