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Last summer I launched my business full-time. It's been a fantastic journey with a few stumbles but many, many wins along the way. As a young business, I'm working hard to accomplish three things:

  1. Execute on our engagements by both over-delivering, completing it on time and under budget. This is a huge challenge, and one that we've not always met. With little resources, underestimating a single job can have a chain reaction so we're working harder at exceeding expectations.
  2. Taking advantage of opportunities to grow. We're turning down some work, but not shying away from committing to large projects. We'll get the resources, we'll find the experts… we'll get the work done. I don't want to accept work that puts us at risk – but I do want to take on work that challenges our resources. This is key to us growing aggressively and making this a real business.
  3. Do everything possible to establish our brand as a real business that agencies and other clients can look to when they're seeking a long-term, strategic engagement.

A real business? If you're not sure what I mean by that, I mean that we're going to establish a business that is recognized by our clients and prospects that they can trust in. I don't want our prospects concerned that we could easily close the doors tomorrow because I'm working off a mobile phone and my home office.

Today, I signed a one-year lease on our first office space. It's at 120 Market Street. I chose the location because its vicinity to the Circle, its Indianapolis-based address, and its professional look and feel. I want our prospects and clients to be able to visit us in a space with plenty of room (12 conference rooms, one per floor), has room to grow (our suite can fit 4 to 6 comfortably) and is impressive to look at. I love the space we selected (we're in Suite 940 starting May 1st).

I no longer have to tell prospects I'm working out of the house and immediately put into question my dedication to the business. I no longer have to use Greenwood (even though I love the town) on marketing and paperwork, we are now an Indianapolis-based business.

We're here for the long haul, we're part of the city, and we're looking forward to growing our business in this space for a few years. We'll have a welcome party sometime next month and hope you can make it!


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    A huge congratulations to you and all your endeavors. I can tell you I’d trust you with my business before many other businesses I’m aware of at the moment. I agree, having a real office and a “real” address can help your image and your brand without a doubt. Is it a requirement to be taken seriously as a business though? I think it was far more true in years past, but today it should be accepted as not a requirement. The hurdle is tougher for sure, but the real expectation should be to deliver results, both of which you’re doing in #1 and #2. We haven’t had an “office” for over 4 years, and still keep doing what we’re doing and taking care of clients.

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    Congrats on the big move! I deal with companies that go through this on a regular basis. It can get emotional and stressful! I have yet to find a company that regrets taking their first office space and what it did for their business. You should do a follow up to this in 6 months to let us know where it’s has taken you!

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    It’s a question I’ll be keeping a close eye on over the next year, Jason! I don’t know that it’s a ‘requirement’ but it definitely changes the perception of the company when I’m speaking with large clients. The ability to have them in-house to do some brainstorming or building out strategies will be a big boost! I don’t think they wanted to sit in my living room. 🙂

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    Congrats on the new space. I love the building. It is exactly what a small business office building should be. Cool, convenient, and close to everything.. When will you be having your open house so we can break it in, in style?

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