dnScoop says dnScoop.com not really worth anything

Aaron points out that dnScoop.com, like other valuation engines, are worthless.

Don't believe them? Just ask dnScoop how much dnScoop.com is worth… Ironically, they agree:


Perhaps it's just me, but I would have overridden the code to say it was worth $500k.


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    I get a kick out of those value sites. These days I dont think a domain name really can place a value on a site.

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    Interesting enough, I went to dnscoop, and my site is worth $64,480 according to them. If I take that number and divide it by the site’s income, that’s roughly what I’ll make in 2.5 years if current conditions prevail (which I’m sure will continue to improve). But it’s a nice guess that helps you evaluate your site better. Any buyers??? 😉

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    But you would have to say the values often sound cool. Like I doubt anyone would give $20K for my site, yet it says it is worth that much.

    It tends to give much higher values then many of the other services do.

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