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Do Favorites Count on Technorati?

Time for another test folks! I want to see whether or not having me in your Technorati favorites increases the ranking of my blog. Here’s a screenshot of my current ranking, just so that you know that I’m not trying to pull the wool over your eyes:


If you haven’t already joined, I would highly recommend Technorati. Here’s the link to add me to your Favorites:

Add this blog to my Technorati Favorites!

Here’s my promise to you… I will add all of you to my favorites as soon as I see that you’ve added me. Next week, I’ll take a look at the ranking and post the ranking after some folks add me.

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    I think you folks are correct. I’ve gotten a couple more references to my site so my ranking has gone up; however, it doesn’t appear that the favorites have affected it.

    Interestingly enough though, I did make one of the folks who selected it as a favorite one of my favorites and I believe it did help his ranking. But he was ranked in the 900,000+ range. After I marked him as a favorite, he moved up to about 844,000.

    Perhaps it only assists in the ranking when you are not referenced from any other blogs? Hmmm.

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