Does a Subscribe Dropdown Work?

subscribe heatmap

When we relaunched our newsletter, I wanted to really make the subscription link a dominant feature on our site. We added a drop-down section at the top of the site and it’s been incredible. While we used to get a trickle of one or two subscribers before, now we get dozens of subscribers each week. The Marketing Technology newsletter is growing quite popular, with almost 3,000 subscribers!

heatmap subscribe dropdown

I’d like to add a few more dropdowns up there – perhaps Facebook, Twitter, Video, Podcast, and a Search tab. It’s a great way of disclosing content without the need for the user to navigate to a new page. As well, the footprint it takes up is so much smaller than a subscription form in the sidebar takes up!

The heatmap was provided by Reinvigorate. If it weren’t for the heatmap, I’m not sure that I would have realized how many people click there! Now it’s time to strengthen the messaging up there to make them want to subscribe.

What do you think?

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