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nooseThis could be googlecide… or blogocide, we'll see. I wrote yesterday that I should not have utilized my name as my domain name.

Anyways, you'll notice starting today that I've officially changed the site's domain from to I'll be forwarding the URL for the next 6 months until traffic to trickles off, then I'll retire it altogether.

I'll let you know how tough a transition this is. Hopefully all goes well!

Note: This won't have any impact if you're subscribed via email or by RSS.


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    As long as you do your 301 redirects properly, I don’t think it should be a problem in terms of Google-icide. I don’t see any reason for retiring though. If you 301 redirect everything to its appropriate URL, then you will maintain the link juice for as long as incoming links to exist (which will likely be forever).

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    I think this is a smart move Doug. The new domain name much more closely matches your targeted niche, and like Willy said above, as long as you’ve got your 301 redirect setup properly, your search engine rankings really shouldn’t suffer.

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    Hi Doug:
    I moved my URL in January and found that changing the feed like you did was a huge help.

    However I’ve decided not to retire my old site. I had so many links from other blogs and websites to the old site, I still receive a lot of incoming traffic from it. Most of the folks who put me on a blogroll have the old site. Some people still use favorites, not RSS. Many of the google results are still the old site.
    Anyway, best of luck to you with the transition.

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    I hope you do some follow-up posts to this one.

    When I bought my first domain name, silly me chose one with a hyphen in it. It’s not a major problem, but something that I will be changing eventually.

    I’d be interested to know how it will affect my SEO efforts and traffic.

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    Would be great if you could make a post about how you did the transfer, i.e. how did you move your WordPress installation, how to do the redirect, any other tips you learnt along the way.

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