Don’t Lose Your Voice



I received feedback from a couple of folks that our recent posts have been dry. I wouldn’t argue with that – we’ve been busy doing a lot deeper research on tools and features of late. It seems that the deeper we do our research, the harder it is to write a concise post that does the platform justice but still ensures your voice is heard.

This friend of mine is an avid reader of the blog, and writes on it as well, so I’m listening and I’m going to make some changes. With each post, I’m going to add more color to the conversation with you. Martech Zone takes a very optimistic view of how technology can assist marketers. The irony is that I’m not as optimistic. I feel as though the field of tools to help us are wide and thin – with much more opportunity for cross-channel marketing systems that help us assemble, measure and optimize our communications with prospects and customers.

We’re also thinking about adding more voices to Martech Zone. I think there’s an opportunity to add a great marketing or technology mind who may be in vicinity of the major marketing centers of New York, Boston, or San Francisco. If you’re a technology writer… especially one with a sense of humor, we’d love to speak with you. Our search thus far hasn’t resulted in a lot of leads.

Back on track…

Content shouldn’t be written just to write content. You may notice that our content ebbs and flows. Some of it is due to our workload, but more often than not, it’s simply a matter of us not having anything important to say. We want every blog post to assist marketers. Every post.

As well, we’ve expanded our voice with our podcast, email program and videos. We’ve joined teams with Edge of the Web Radio to produce a professional radio show (aired locally) accompanied with some great video. Be sure to tune in – you can access us through our iPhone app, iTunes, Stitcher and Youtube.

I’m not sure who penned the term “social media”, but they were brilliant. Content is media… but content without a voice is not social, it’s just media. Don’t lose your voice. Keep it social.

What do you think?

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