Dos and Don’ts of Content Marketing

content marketing infographic

Alright, here’s your chuckle for the afternoon. Using Meltwater Buzz, we just saw this simple and beautiful infographic providing a good checklist of items that one may want to keep in mind when developing their content marketing strategy.

One of the rules with regard to blogging is Don’t publish a badly written blog. I’ve seen a lot of bad writing (off topic, stating opinion as fact, nonsensical) that still has good grammar and spelling, so I believe what they meant was poorly written blog. My posts are often poorly written… but I think they still have valuable content for the most part… right grammarians and orthographers? In my opinion, the value of your content beats how well it’s written. That’s just my opinion because I suck at grammar and spelling, though.

If I were going to make the stand that all of your content must be written with precision, I may have a real problem with this very infographic. The infographic is called the Do’s and Dont’s of Content Marketing. Even my terrible ignorance of the English language made me do a double-take at the title. Shouldn’t it be the Dos and Don’ts of Content Marketing?



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    Hey Douglas, thanks for sharing. It’s a very nice infographic, with a lot useful tips. I haven’t even noticed the typo in the title, until I’ve read your comment in the post 🙂 And you’re right, it should be “Dos”.

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