dotMailer EasyEditor: Drag and Drop Email Editing

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Few things can be more frustrating than layout out an email HTML template or working with a third-party template builder. Imagine being able to layout, design, redesign, and customize your own email templates…with no HTML coding or web design skills. This is exactly what dotMailer has created with their EasyEditor.

Features of dotMailer’s EasyEditor:

  • Quickly import your images and create a library – Stay organized with all campaign imagery in one place.
  • Test campaign messaging with drag & drop dynamic content – Edit and setup all your dynamic content directly in your email campaign.
  • Easily drop in social sharing links – Simply drag and drop trackable social sharing icons in your template.
  • Quickly resize everything – Reposition, and resize any element in your template, in seconds.
  • Reposition anything, anywhere – Gives you complete flexibility and control over your template design.
  • Easily replicate content – Slash the time you spend editing email campaign templates

dotMailer comes with dozens of templates that are already predesigned and optimized for mobile and social. They also have pre-built and custom integrations with Facebook, Triggered Messaging, Movable Ink, Google Analytics, FastStats, Eclipse, Iris, Magiq, Myriad, ThankQ, Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, Act!, Magento and Saleslogix.