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We’ve written about how impressed we were with EveryoneSocial to encourage your employees to promote your brand socially. After doing the post, the team there reached out and interviewed me regarding my experience with social media. They took the results of that interview and developed a beautiful ebook that you can download from their site.

It’s not beautiful because my mug is on the cover :)… they just did a great job at capturing my voice and formatting the conversation into a finite list of questions with my response. I answer these questions:

  1. What are your clients looking for?
  2. How do you figure which channels to focus on?
  3. Has blogging changed and how does it fit into an overall strategy?
  4. How is quality defined in these mediums?
  5. What’s it like to grow your own community?
  6. What’s the current state of social media?
  7. How do you get a prospective client focused on conversions over traffic and likes?
  8. What’s your focus over the next year? What big changes do you see in the world?

This ebook is a good glimpse into what I’ll be speaking about at Social Media Marketing World in late March. I firmly believe that too many sites, experts and even platforms are focused on acquisition when it comes to social media. Social media’s most incredible opportunity isn’t acquisition, it’s retention. Companies have the opportunity to listen and build relationships with their current customers.

This ebook is a light read… it doesn’t go into any kind of technical workflow or point to any solutions or integrations that will help you. It’s just a great guide to get my opinions – developed from years of working with our clients – in print. Thanks to EveryoneSocial for the opportunity to get this out there! They’re producing a series of these ebooks from quite a few leaders in the industry – from folks like Sandy Carter, Amy Tennison, Jason Falls, Chris Brogan, Joe Pulizzi, Mari Smith… and others.

Download the Ebook Now!

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