Drinking from the Firehose!


I’m not feeling well today so I didn’t really have an opportunity to write a great post. I’ll be back on my feet tomorrow, I promise.

As luck would have it, today was a HUGE day for my blog. If you visited directly, you may have noticed that it wasn’t very responsive. The analysis that I did on what servers the Presidential Candidates were running took off on Slashdot and Reddit. It was even the lead story on Slashdot for most of the day.

The site is running in a fantastic environment and I have loads of bandwidth. I may have been able to squeeze through the Slashdot traffic or the Reddit traffic, but both together brought the site to its knees. Between naps on the couch, I’d get up and simply restart the server. It’s behaving much nicer this evening!

Frank the Tank!

It’s an incredible compliment to make Slashdot. If there were a single organization that launched social media on the web, it might be Slashdot. It’s a compliment that comes with an evil twist, though. Making Slashdot, Digg, Reddit, Netscape… or other sites is a lot like going out and partying all night:

You dance the night away, drink a little too much, embarrass yourself, and typically wake up with a headache and no money.

Honestly, it does very little for your overall affiliate marketing, ranking, authority, etc. In fact, more than anything else, it may just tick off your readers who find themselves fighting to get the page up! Thanks to everyone who dropped me a note today wondering if my site was down. It was simply drinking from the firehose!

Thanks to the kind folks and readers at Slashdot! I am grateful for the attention! If you put that kind of attention to me more often, I promise I’d upgrade my server packages (but still stick with my fantastic host) and go to work in my boxers every day.

Honorable Mention

Today, I was also noted on Tony’s site as one of the Blogs That Make Me Think. (Tony, I’ll respond soon – I promise!). This is a great compliment from an incredible blogger. Aside from being a superb blog, Success from the Nest is the best-illustrated blog on the Web in my opinion.

Thanks Tony!


  1. 1

    I was one of those that tried to get into the site to leave you a congrats message but gave up.

    but better late than never .. congrats on a milestone of sorts. I do agree with you though that the long term benefits of such a deluge is highly questionable.

    I’d say keep up the good work but I don’t know if you and the server would survive 🙂

  2. 3

    Douglas: You are one of the blogs that make me think also. I am from sweden so my site is in swedish. I know i should get an english one to. Just doesnt seem to get the time for it.

    Just want to say congrats and keep up the good work.

    • 4


      Thanks so much! You’re very kind. Being friends with other fine people in fantastic countries is just another benefit of blogging!

      Thanks again for commenting and letting me know!

  3. 5

    Congratulations Doug. I guess you don’t suck after all 😉 Isn’t it interesting how when you seem to hit bottom, out of the blue something great like that happens?

  4. 6

    Enjoy the limelight. I look forward to you releasing some stats on this later. I had a similar situation a couple of months ago, although not as big as your story, it would be good to compare notes 🙂

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