Drip: Increase Subscriber Acquisition and Conversion


Recently, I was asked by a reporter what my #1 tip would be as it came to online marketing. My answer was simple – capture the visitor’s email address. The reason isn’t so that you can SPAM the crap out of the visitor. The reality is that the person visiting your site may not be ready or willing to engage with you at that site. You’re working your butt off generating great content, promoting that content, and ensuring that you have a solid path to engagement… but you’re not doing enough.

Sites have a 5x to 10x better chance to convert something to a returning visitor than to a new one. Rather than a visitor not seeing what they’re interested in and leaving, why not offer a second chance by asking them for their email address? With an email address, you can nurture the relationship and get in front of them when they are ready to make a purchase decision.

Drip is a simple platform that makes it easy for you. Apply a bit of JavaScript to your site and your visitors will be met with a nice clean slide up opt-in form asking them for their email address. Here’s an animation that shows the experience:


It doesn’t stop there! While Drip can integrate and pass the subscriber to MailChimp, Salesforce, or Aweber, you can also execute an email drip program directly from Drip! They also have a RESTful API and Webhook so you can have the optin ping your external system with the optin information.

You can use one of their email sequence blueprints or have them design one for you! If you provide conversion values for your optin, they’ll also provide actual revenue generated within their dashboard.


Drip also has a WordPress plugin so you don’t even need to insert the script! Want to see how it works? Just subscribe to our Inbound Marketing Crash Course on the left hand side of the site!

Disclosure: We’re using an affiliate link for Drip throughout this post.

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