DroppTV: Using AI to Identify And Sell Products in Videos

Brands are increasingly utilizing technology to create new shopping experiences in the stay-at-home era. And, at the same time, the entertainment industry is being forced to look for alternate revenue streams at a time when theaters and music venues are closed.

Enter droppTV, the world’s first-ever shoppable streaming platform. Debuting with music videos, droppTV lets audiences view content while seamlessly browsing integrated virtual pop-up shops to purchase limited-edition streetwear. The platform enables creators (and brands) to monetize their videos, shows, and movies through their patented advanced AI smart video technology.

droppTV is specifically focused on creatives right now – disrupting traditional advertising, retail, and video paradigms. It’s a shoppable streaming platform at the intersection of music, culture, fashion, and celebrity that empowers artists to create virtual pop-up shops in their music videos so they can sell their own merchandise, limited-edition, and luxury streetwear apparel.

We’re thrilled to be helping artists and fans discover and connect with each other on a deeper level. Music videos are very unique as they are at the intersection of culture, art, music, and fashion and were the obvious choice for the first large-scale application of our technology.

Gurps Rai, droppTV CEO & Co-Founder

The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to identify products within videos, allowing the creator or owner of the video to monetize the video by offering direct sales to the product. This is an incredible advancement in technology with tons of potential.

The platform is powered by the company’s proprietary artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision algorithm. Viewers can watch and make purchases on any device – smartphone, tablet, or desktop. The mobile app is available now on iOS and on Android and will soon be available on AppleTV.


Imagine streaming services monetizing every single video with multiple product hotspots throughout videos tied to a cart. Or, perhaps if you’re a brand, you can hire a creator and enlist their influence to sell your product directly from their video.

I could totally see Amazon, in the near future, offering the opportunity to open a shopping window while you’re watching your FireTV, navigating to the product on the screen, then adding it to your Amazon shopping cart.

This is the future of content-driven commerce, taking traditional retail and video models and fusing them to create something new to reach the consumer driven by a See it. Want it. Buy it. impulse.

If you’re interested in using dropp.tv as a consumer, you can sign up here:

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