SourceTrack: Dynamic Call Tracking for Your Enterprise

enterprise call tracking

We work with many large companies and a continued challenge is always how to track how leads are getting to their business. While businesses and consumers research and find many companies online, they still pick up the phone when they wish to do business.

Call Tracking has been around for quite a while, but for businesses with thousands of lead sources or keywords, it can get unmanageable. We actually developed some javascript for call tracking for one of our clients. Each visitor to the website from a different keyword produced a different phone number.

The problem was that we found that virtually all of our conversions were happening in the other category. They were entering a phrase that was relevant, but wasn’t anticipated for the tracking. Chances are that this is the same with your site… there are thousands or tens of thousands of keyword combinations driving traffic. For a couple of our clients, it’s hundreds of thousands of keywords!

There’s not enough phone numbers to track each of those, but sophisticated dynamic phone number insertion systems can accurately track it. A set number of phone numbers can be set and recycled for the site as well as keyword groupings. This is what’s accomplished by a system like SourceTrak from IfbyPhone.


With SourceTrak, you can add unique groupings of keywords and dynamically change the phone number. The system then registers the call and records the appropriate keyword group that the call came in by. It’s a very simply system to use that can help any enterprise understand where their leads are coming from.

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