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Thought About Marketing With Ebooks?

We’re huge advocates of repurposing content… webinars to blog posts, blog posts to whitepapers, whitepapers to infographics, infographics to presentations, presentations to ebooks… the more you can make content work for you, the better the investment you can make on it and the better quality content you’ll publish.

E-Reading was a topic of conversation on our radio show with Jim Kukral and its explosion has been largely ignored by marketers. Although we don’t know the stats, we do know that people are reading across all their mobile devices and tablets… and that reading comes with searches for the content they need or want. This isn’t just typical book content… people are searching for ebooks on how to use your products or services.

If you haven’t thought about taking all the amazing content you’ve presented and begun to formulate some ideas for some ebooks, you may want to! Whether you’re serving consumers or businesses, the ebooks are in demand. Infographic Labs has published some great stats on e-reader adoption and the purchase behaviors associated with folks that use them:

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The Competitive State of the eCommerce Marketplaces

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