25 Steps to Success: Search Engine Optimization and Business Blogging

ebook.pngIn preparation for Blog Indiana, and with the assistance of Bryan Povlinski, I launched a 75 page eBook with a ton of advice, tips, tricks and secrets on search engine optimization and business blogging.

We gave away over 100 copies at Blog Indiana and the feedback has been incredible. I truly appreciate all the support!

Since this is my first eBook, I've been getting some advice from some other bloggers who've put eBooks out on the web. The first advice I received was to substantially lower the cost (from $99) for a limited time. This serves two purposes… it gets the eBook out in circulation by making it much less expensive and it generates some buzz around the book.

Download the Table of Contents and you'll see how comprehensive this book is. I'm going to keep the price at $9.99 for a while – until enough copies are downloaded that I start to see some buzz. So start buzzin!


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    I was lucky enough to get a copy of this ebook at Blog Indiana and WOW. It is worth way more than $9.99! It really is packed with great content about SEO. I'm not even half way done with the book yet and I already decided to print it out and keep it as a desk reference. You will not be disappointed! Great job Doug & Bryan!

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