Ecommerce Personalization Solutions Require These 4 Strategies

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When marketers discuss e-commerce personalization, they typically talk about one or two features but miss all the opportunities to create a unique and individualized shopping experience for their visitor. Online retailers who have implemented all 4 features – like Disney, Uniqlo, Converse and O’Neill – are seeing the incredible results:

While that sounds amazing, the industry is failing to implement these strategies. Reflektion has released the 2015 RSR Personalization Report, giving leading retailers a grade of F:

  • 85% treat return shoppers the same as first time visitors  Tweet This!
  • 52% do not tailor content according to desktop, tablet or smartphone  Tweet This!
  • 74% have no memory of past products browsed by users during previous visits  Tweet This!

A fully implemented e-commerce personalization strategy has 4 key strategies:

  1. Interactions – tailored content based on buying history
  2. Recommendations – recommended, related and relevant product recommendations
  3. Smart Search – autocompletion in the search bar, historical relevance on searches
  4. Adaptive Pages – dynamic home pages for new and returning users on both desktop and mobile

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Personalization for Ecommerce

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