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Is Voice Search on the Cusp of Transforming Commerce?

The Amazon Show may be the best purchase I’ve made in the last 12 months. I purchased one for my Mom, who lives remote and often has issues with mobile connectivity. Now, she can just tell the Show to call me and we’re doing a video call within seconds. My Mom loved it so much that she purchased one for her grandchildren so she could also keep in touch with them. I’m also able to drop in and say hello to my dog, Gambino, when I’m away for a while. He sees me, barks, and


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It’s Holiday Time Again, Here Are 10 Tactics to Maximize Your Results

I’m sitting in a kiosk in Minneapolis’ airport heading back home to Indianapolis. I just finished doing a keynote at ConceptOne that detailed the Agile Marketing Journey and provided attendees with my Marketing Initiative Worksheet. Grab a copy of that as you read this infographic – it should help you out! Back to the story. I was in Austin at Dell last week presenting to their international teams about podcasting, got home, and left for South Dakota a few days later. I’m nursing a crushed heel so all the walking is wiping me out as


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The 6 Roadblocks to Going Global with Your E-Commerce

The shift to omnichannel selling is widely apparent, most recently supported by Nike’s move to sell on both Amazon and Instagram. However, the switch to cross-channel commerce isn’t easy. Merchants and suppliers struggle to keep product information consistent and accurate across all platforms – so much so that 78% of merchants simply can’t keep up with enhanced consumer demands for transparency. into their commerce strategy. 1WorldSync, a leading provider of product content solutions, recently released the infographic below based on the Charting the Course for Global Commerce study. Common Roadblocks to Going Global with E-Commerce


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The Ultimate Guide on How to Sell on Amazon

This week, we had a great conversation with Randy Stocklin on our podcast. Randy is an ecommerce expert who co-founded One Click Ventures, a firm that owns three large eretailers in the eyeglass industry. One topic we touched on was the importance of selling on Amazon. With its incredible reach, Amazon should never be dismissed as a means of selling and distributing of any of your products. The disadvantage of not owning the relationship with your customer is far outweighed by the volume of Amazon buyers. In fact, Amazon attracts over 150 million visitors a month. The


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Borders Live at 01: Borders vs. Amazon Email Marketing

If you don’t have a Borders store around you, I’m sorry. If you do, you might like this site that Borders has launched, Borders Live at 01: Wow… books, live music and Seattle’s Best Coffee! That’s like heaven for me! It also appears that the Borders Email Newsletter has gotten an overhaul, it’s really fun to read now. Borders is definitely winning the email war! Take a look at this comparison to Amazon’s email: Download a Sponsored Marketing Whitepaper: Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Winning Email Marketing CampaignSet your email marketing up for success. Download