Ecrebo: Personalizing Your POS Experience

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Advancements in technology are offering incredible opportunities for companies to improve the customer experience. Personalization isn't just profitable for businesses, it's appreciated by consumers. We want the businesses that we frequent to recognize who we are, reward us for our patronage, and make recommendations to us when the buying journey is underway.

One such opportunity is being called POS Marketing. POS stands for Point of Sale, and it's the equipment that retail outlets utilize to get you checked out. It's not uncommon for companies to have loyalty systems and discount cards to track purchases down to the consumer… but the data is often compiled and used later to market to them via email or direct mail.

What if you could access customer data instantly and communicate directly at check out? This is the opportunity with POS Marketing.

Ecrebo is a point of sale marketing platform that enables retailers to deliver targeted offers to customers at checkout alongside their receipt or digital receipt. With over 90% of transactions occurring in-store, Ecrebo's POS-based technology enables retailers to deliver targeted marketing communications personalized for each customer.

Customers benefit from getting relevant offers and incentives delivered in a convenient and non-intrusive way. Ecrebo powers point of sale marketing for leading brands including Waitrose (grocery), M&S (department store) and PANDORA (jewelry).

Ecrebo POS Marketing Features

  • Targeted Coupons at Checkout – Deliver highly relevant, purchase-based offers and messages directly to in-store customers. Drive increase incremental sales, boost cross-category purchase, and enhance customer loyalty.
  • Personalized Digital Receipts – Offer your customers a more convenient way to receive and store their receipts. Digital receipts enhance customer experience and open up a post-purchase marketing channel.

e receipt ecrebo

PANDORA, one of the world's largest jewelry brands, is now using Ecrebo to deliver digital receipts across its 220-strong UK store estate. Receipts are emailed to customers following their transaction and include an option to opt-in to receive regular newsletters, as well as a request for customer feedback, allowing shoppers to comment on their in-store experience.

We also use the digital receipt as an opportunity to request feedback from our customers on their in-store experience, enabling us to continually improve our offering. Jo Glynn-Smith, VP of Marketing, PANDORA UK

Ecrebo data is fed back to store managers and the PANDORA UK head office to help the company understand how their stores are performing as well as identify any areas for improvement.

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