Eight Things You Don’t Know about Me

Okay, okay… I’ll take on this one from Steven. Here are 8 things that you probably don’t know about me:

  1. Last year, I did the greatest rendition of Love Song ever at work. It was late, there were 3 of us left in the office and it came on Internet Radio. As I did my grand finale, my CEO walked around the corner – he was taking his brother on a tour of our new building. I know…do-do-do do-do-do… I know….
  2. Deborah, my one and only sister, was the Britannica Britannia (sp?) Jeans girl in the mid ’80s. Having your friends talk non-stop about your sister’s butt has a lasting psychological impact. I was and am proud of her even though we rarely talk.
  3. One of my worst jobs was a Credit Card Telemarketing Agent in High School. I worked 2 weeks and never signed anyone up. I tried it for 2 weeks because my Dad said I should never quit a job right away… you’ll always learn something. In this case, I learned my Dad wasn’t always right.
  4. My best friend in High School is still my best friend, 20 years later. Mike doesn’t read my blog – but we still talk every couple weeks. He and his wife are incredible.
  5. This week I may have made the most ridiculous and obnoxious purchases of my blogging career – a 24″ tailgate magnet for my car:
  6. Two summers ago, you could find me online almost every night playing Rainbow Six on XBox Live.
  7. My blog now averages well over $500 per month in revenue, the biggest source being Text Link Ads.
  8. This weekend I will be on NPR to discuss the utilization of online resources for improving your salary negotiation. It was pretty fun interview but I was out of breath because I had to hurry from work to the parking garage to the Radio Station in less than 20 minutes. I’m not sure how it will turn out! I got the interview because I commented on a website somewhere that I had used a Salary.com Personal Salary Report to negotiate my salary and I also own an online Payraise Calculator.

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I think I’ve already passed this type of meme on to others, so I’m not going to forward this one on – but I did want to answer it!


  1. 1

    thanks 🙂

    As a side note I glad that some-one is making money with TLA because I haven’t made a cent let alone have any ads ever shown .. and I’ve tried on 3 seperate occasions. I even have their plugin in place and activated .. for me the service is null and void.

    Not that AdSense is any better but at leat their ads show up … I am probably doing more than enough things wrong but it is frustrating seeing weeks going by and being luck to make a single buck.

    errr .. ooppsss … sorry about the side rant LOL

    • 2


      Hang in there with TLA. I believe the ads are hidden for administrators of the blog. Once I got a single sponsor, they really started rolling in after that. I thought something was wrong as well but it’s a great system.


      • 3

        Oh I’ve been holding on with TLA since they first became available but I have never had any ads displayed .. never .. I have tried the service on three seperate occasions with this last time the code being in place for over 3 months … and still nada

        Even AdSense is proving to be a load of frustration … I can have days with reasonable page views and not make a cent (for weeks on end). I need a AdSense guru to help I think ’cause I am sure I am probably doing something wrong … admitting that might be the case still doesn’t help the frustration levels for with either of the ad networks.

        oh well … enough of hijacking your post comments Doug 🙂 sorry but it’s a touchy point right now with me

  2. 4
  3. 7

    Love the tailgate magnet. How about having the logo painted down the side of your car too for maximum effect 😉

    I must try TLA again sometime and see if they accept me this time. AdSense was up 50% for me last month but we’re not talking mega bucks 🙂

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