How Are You Doing Compared to 400 Other Marketers?

2014 digital trends infographic ektron

We’ve been having some incredible meetings with an enterprise company recently. They have all the challenges you can think of – a small team, enterprise structure, franchises, ecommerce… the works. Over time, they’ve evolved with their small team to a hodge-podge of technology that’s becoming more and more difficult to manage. Our job is to map out their strategy and drive their costs down by centralizing and investing in flexible solutions. It’s not a task for the faint at heart.

As we sit at the table, the team often gets both embarrassed and frustrated at many of the gaps that they have left open or their lack of speed at adopting new technologies. It seems whenever I meet with a company their team has this same reaction. Marketing resources are a luxury in this economy and companies shouldn’t be embarrassed that they’re unable to keep up. The industry is moving fast, and virtually ever platform is fighting for marketing dollars – confusing the heck out of marketers who are already getting pulled in every direction.

Given that, it’s always nice to feel as though you’re not doing too bad. This extensive research project from Ektron will help put you at ease… and maybe even make you feel good about the progress you’ve made and the roadmap you’re taking. Chances are, you’re probably ahead of the curve!

Ektron undertook an extensive research project to better understand the shifts and trends in Digital Marketing and Marketing Technology for 2014. They asked Marketers, IT professionals, developers, and content authors in companies across various industries their insights on digital strategies and trends. 400 website and digital agency professionals gave their opinions.

The infographic walks through landing pages and call-to-action usage, content creation, search engine optimization, analytics, social media marketing, inbound marketing, personalization, targeting, mobile marketing, integration, a/b testing, responsive web design and whether they’re currently being implemented, planned to be implemented, or will be implemented in the near future. The conclusion is that there’s an emphasis this year on content creation, targeting and personalization.


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