El Toro: Targeted IP-Based, Cookieless Geographic Advertising

El Toro IP Targeting

We recently interviewed Marty Meyer on his incredible ad platform, El Toro. For any companies that have executed geotargeted campaigns, you know how difficult this process is. IP addresses are continuously changing, and validating their accuracy is a significant challenge. That's what the proprietary, patent-pending technology powering El Toro provides to its clients.

Each of El Toro‘s IP intelligence product stems from the IP Targeting algorithm that's caused quite a stir in the industry. Here are some of their most popular products:

  • Household IP Targeting – IP targeting does not use cookies, and that is revolutionary in the digital advertising world. El Toro's patented IP algorithm determines the IP address based on the physical address, which is then used for precise digital ad targeting at the IP/router level. Household IP Targeting is beneficial for advertisers because it incorporates offline data; i.e., registered voter lists, customer databases, modeled data, and direct mail data.
  • Venue Replay – Venue Replay allows you to capture people’s Device ID’s at events they attend, where they work, where they study, where they shop, all with the intent to advertise to this high value audience. This is done by using geoframing, a technology created by El Toro. With Venue Replay, El Toro can even go back in time and capture devices from events that happened up to 6 months ago! Venue Replay then attributes a likely home address of those devices seen at the chosen event. From there, we are able to target that home network with digital banner ads using our prime technology, IP Targeting.
  • Reverse Append – El Toro can take anonymous site visitors’ IP addresses, and run them through their Reverse Append algorithm determining their physical home or office address.  Or put another way, we take unknown site visitor’s IP address, find their physical address, and allows brands to send them targeted direct mail pieces through one of El Toro’s select direct mail partners within 48 hours of a site visit.
  • Digital New Movers – Digital New Movers (DNM) is offered on a 6 month and 12 month subscription basis. All that you have to do is select which ZIP code, city, and/or state you want to target, enter monthly impressions, upload the creatives and decide if you want to target Pre-Movers, Escrow, and/or Post-Movers. El Toro's system is also programmatic, allowing you to sit back and target new movers the second the information becomes available.

El Toro was introduced to us through our partners at Digital Charisma. If you're a company who wishes to test out some campaigns or find out additional information, contact our partners at Digital Charisma:

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