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Elokenz Social Media Repost Tool
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Marketers are inherently creative and I believe sometimes it’s too their business’ performance detriment. It’s something that I continue to remind myself with my articles. I often dive deeper and deeper into tools and strategies… and forget that there are visitors that haven’t been on this journey with me.

For companies, this is a huge oversight. As they continue to ideate and deploy content, they forget that there are some people that may not even be aware of their platform or the great content they may have published last month, last year, or even older that provides the information they need.

This is a key reason why we push our clients to use (and we develop) a content library on their site. A content library strategy ensures that your marketing team is always focused on the topics, industry, stages, and personas of every visitor arriving at your site. Your job isn’t to produce endless streams of new content… it’s to ensure you have a complete library that’s enhanced and improved over time.

Reposting to Social Media

Another oversight is social media. Reposting to social media can sometimes seem spammy… but it’s necessary because the follower you gained in the last month hasn’t been reading and clicking through to your social media updates for the last year or so. You need to treat your social media content like a looped stream as well… promoting your library to followers at every stage in their journey (not yours).

It’s not that simple, though. If you’re building a queue and then uploading social updates to repeatedly hit your audience… it could lead to social fatigue. Social fatigue can do a ton of damage to your brand by driving abandonment and having followers leave you because they don’t see value in the repeated posts that you’re making. Intelligent reposts are key – making them timely but not too frequent… mixing new content and often refreshing old content to drive engagement.

Elokenz Smart Content Marketing Distribution 

Elokenz is an intelligent, auto-refilling queue which analyzes your content, learns what content is the best to share based on your audience’s behavior, and decides which content to share next on each social media platform.

Elokenz works with 4 simple steps:

  1. Import a piece of content – your content is imported into Elokenz and displayed in the tool’s library.
  2. Select social media accounts – choose the platforms your articles will be reposted on. Elokenz takes care of your content’s promotion.
  3. Create multiple status updates – Elokenz enables you to create as many variations as you want per platform. The tool will select a different version each time your article is reposted.
  4. Analyze your reach and improve your content – the platform empowers marketers to see the type of content and which update worked best to attract new visitors and drive more leads.

I love using this tool – it’s easy to schedule social shares with the Elokenz library of RSS feeds I’ve built. I love their analytics so I can see what is working on each of the social networks. You can edit each of your shares too quickly!

Lisa Sicard, Inspire To Thrive

Elokenz helps you save time on daily social media tasks and reach more customers by using your content at its full potential. Not to mention that you’re going to increase the return on investment on each article that will drive traffic and leads!

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Disclosure: I am an affiliate or Elokenz.

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