Email 2.0 – Rich Internet Applications, Multimedia, embedded Documents?

Adobe Digital Edition Beta

I was speaking to a friend of mine today, Dale McCrory. He pointed out Adobe's new launch, Adobe Digital Edition Beta.

Adobe Digital Edition

According to Adobe's site:

Adobe Digital Editions is a completely new way to read and manage eBooks and other digital publications. Digital Editions is built from the ground up as a lightweight, rich Internet application (RIA). Digital Editions works online and offline, and supports both PDF and XHTML-based content.

Dale got to thinking on this (and I hope I don't prematurely release his $5billion idea)… what if you put an email address on this interface? In other words, this is your email client of the future… Email 2.0 if you will.

The opportunity, of course, is to feed anything you would like to to the inbox as long as the subscriber has Internet access… applications, surveys, polls, interactive pages, flash, eBooks, documents, sound, video, etc., etc. No doubt that that is the direction we're heading in. I just can't wait!

What do you think?

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