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My Campaign Pro and colleague, Bill Dawson, set up our new weekly newsletter that was just kicked off today. (If you haven’t subscribed, you’re missing out on over $12,000 in prizes… and growing!).

To make it easier, Luke Newton of My Campaign Pro, set up a template within the system that simply grabs HTML from anywhere on the web – either with a feed or a dynamic HTML page. This is called a snippet in his system and it can point to saved content, have dynamic content, or pull from RSS or from a web page:

The next step was simply to reference the snippet within the HTML of the email template using a substitution string:

Then Bill programmed a category within WordPress called Newsletter that is only displayed on a hidden internal page and excluded from any posts on the blog. In WordPress, this is done by adding some query elements above the loop:

query_posts($query_string . '&cat=-4835');

We also updated the feed to remove any posts, that’s accomplished in the querystring:

Why is this great? Each week, I’m just writing a blog post to the Newsletter category and then executing the campaign to send. The system automatically scrapes the content from the custom page (as well as my Twitter feed) and the email is generated and sent. Not only is this great that I only have to worry about writing content within WordPress… I will also have a copy of all my emails that had been sent!

Luke is giving away 2 annual licenses (with up to 500 email sent) along with support – so be sure to sign up for the Marketing Technology Newsletter for a chance to win!


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    Thanks for the post Doug! We are very excited about the new newsletter and proud to be part of it!

    We have found that this is a great way for heavy WordPress users to continue to use their favorite authoring engine for creating content and keeping it all in one place.

    The true power is in the ability to bring the same level of automation available in WordPress to email. Just pull in the content and add to a regularly scheduled send for a highly automated email series with little ongoing maintenance. No more copy and paste – just build it once and automate!

    And with all of the content contained in WordPress – it is easy to distribute that content outside of email.

    If you are a WordPress user -it just makes sense to do it this way!

    Also – we would like to wish good luck to everyone who joins the contest – we are very excited to be part of the 2,500th post celebration!

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