Why Users Disengage With Your Email

subscriber engagement infographic

Too many email marketers fall into a rhythm where they send email based on their corporate schedule or their goals rather than the subscribers' needs. Providing emails to your audience and ensuring they're valuable will keep them subscribed, engaged, converting… and will ultimately keep you out of their junk email folder.

After visiting your website, making a purchase, or stumbling across your company's blog, a customer has signed up to receive email from you. For a marketer, this is the most fragile, difficult relationship to maintain, and one wrong step can end in tragedy with your electronic correspondence in the spam folder.

This Litmus infographic provides a closer look at engagement filtering behaviors for Gmail and Hotmail, reasons why subscribers become disengaged with email, and tips for increasing engagement.

litmus subscriber engagement infographic 940x2554

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    It’s important to segment your email list if possible.  Not every person that signs up has the same needs.  If the message isn’t relevant every time you will probably lose them.  

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