How to Reverse Plummeting Email Engagement Rates

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It's quite a surprise to most companies when they find out that 60% of subscribers in the average email list are dormant. For a company with 20,000 email subscribers, that's 12,000 emails that have dropped off.

The vast majority of email marketers are petrified at dropping a single subscriber off of their list. The effort it required to get these subscribers to opt-in was costly and companies hope to someday recoup that investment. It's nonsensical, though. Not only are they not going to recoup those costs, the lack of engagement and activity may be putting the inbox placement of their entire list at risk.

Matt Zajechowski of ReachMail has put together this outstanding article and associated infographic, How to Re-Engage a Dormant Subscriber List, on how to re-engage subscribers. Here are the strategies he's shared:

  • Reduce the frequency of your email sends.
  • Target your content to smaller, relevant, segmented lists.
  • Define inactive subscribers using your own criteria and stop sending to them.
  • Design a Re-engagement campaign asking subscribers to opt-in or come back.
  • Facebook Custom Audiences allows you to upload and target your subscribers, a great way to reach dormant subscribers.

Be sure to click through on Matt's infographic and read the rest of his advice on this topic!

Re-Engaging Dormant Email Subscribers

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