Email Insights: How to Research Your Email Competition

competitive email research
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When do your competitors send their emails? What do those emails look like? What kind of subject lines do they use? What are the most popular email newsletters in your industry? These are the kinds of questions that can be answered using Email Insights, a tool for email marketers to research the most popular email newsletters and/or your competition.

Email Insights already has the most popular newsletters organized by industry so you can easily find and review the newsletters that you wish to research:

Once you narrow down an industry or even a sender, you can preview the actual email:

A fantastic feature is that you can view a subject line word cloud of their most used keywords in their subject line, their latest subject lines, and their longest and shortest subject lines.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of Email Insights is that they also track the frequency of sends for the subscription, the day it’s sent and even the time that it’s sent. This can provide an email marketer with all they need to develop an email marketing schedule, optimize the time of send, and develop a competitive subject line.

Using their tool can provide some inspiration for your next email design – check out Email Insights – they have a 30 day trial and a flat affordable rate to start up!

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