The 3 Dimensions of a Balanced Email Marketing Strategy

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Many marketers focus their strategy for email marketing simply on output productivity and the performance of the email. This misses some enormous dimensions that are impacting the overall success of your company to compete against an inbox that's piled high for your subscribers' attention.

There are 3 dimensions to any analysis that is executed after an email marketing campaign:

  1. Email Deliverability – this is whether or not your email made it to the inbox. That's a combination of the cleanliness of your email list, the reputation of your IP sending address, the validity of your email service provider (ESP), in addition to the content that you're putting out. Bottom line – how many of your emails made it to the inbox, avoiding the junk folder or getting bounced. Many folks don't worry about this, especially those without a good ESP. However, deliverability can cost your company lost relationships and revenue. We use 250ok to monitor our inbox placement.
  2. Subscriber Behavior – these are the recipients, or subscribers, of your email. Did they open? Click-through or Click-Through Rate (CTR)? Conversions? These are typically measured as “unique” counts. That is, the count is that of the number of subscribers who opened, clicked, or converted… not to be mistaken with the total number of opens, click-throughs, and conversions. A good portion of your list may be inactive – what are you doing to re-engage with them?
  3. Email Content Performance – this is how your content did. What were the total opens, click-throughs, and conversions? How did your links rank? Are you segmenting your content to better match the subscriber? Dynamically produced content, list segmentation, and further personalization are vastly improving email performance rates.

As you move forward, you should be comparing your campaign performance across these dimensions across each campaign and each list or segment. It will allow you to quickly zone in on where your issues are!

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