Interspire Inspiring Sophisticated Email Marketing

This is a sponsored post. The folks at Interspire are raising the bar on Email Service Provider software with their newest upgrade, Interspire Email Marketer.

Interspire offers a dynamic and robust email marketing solution that comes as an affordable server installed version or as a hosted web based solution. One of the most unique features in their latest version (5.5) is their latest A/B split testing.

A typical A/B offering requires:

  1. A random sampling taken from your subscriber list
  2. Split the random sampling into test groups for each email
  3. An email campaign is sent simultaneously to each sampling group
  4. Measurement of the results
  5. Send to the rest with the winning result

Interspire Automates Email A/B Testing

An ingenious feature of Interspire’s email split testing is that their software will email your full list automatically based on the results of your A/B testing!
Interspire Email Split Testing

Along with the Split Testing and Automation, the latest release of their Email Marketing software added the following features:

  • Triggers – Create recurring birthday emails, move/remove contacts to/from multiple lists based on if they’ve opened your email or clicked on a specific link and lots more.
  • Event logging – Manually log events such as phone calls and meetings. Automatic event logging creates an event for a contact when they receive an email/autoresponder, open an email or click a link so you or your team have full visibility into their actions at all times, making you a more informed salesperson.
  • Recent activity log – Your recently accessed items (contacts, lists, campaigns, etc) are always available across the top of the screen making it easier to get back to where you left off.
  • Contact list grouping – Use folders and drag-and-drop to sort and organize your contact lists into manageable groups. Ideal for email marketers with dozens or hundreds of lists.
  • 20 new built-in email templates – There are new designs and also designs that match the look and feel of your Interspire Shopping Cart-powered online store. Now your store and email campaigns can share the same consistent branding.

If you’re looking to integrate an email marketing solution to your application, Interspire’s Email Marketer also has a very robust REST-based API. Their documentation includes a ton of PHP sample code as well!

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