Stealing the Bait from Phishers

Have you ever gone fishing where you keep dropping your line and a few minutes later your bait is gone? Eventually, you pick up your line and go elsewhere, don’t you? What if we applied this to Phishing? Perhaps every single person that receives a phishing email should actually click through on the link and enter bad information in the login or Credit Card requirements. Perhaps we should absolutely overwhelm their servers with so much

Email Marketing by the Numbers

My good friend, Chris Baggott, is about to release his first book, Email Marketing By the Numbers. Chris wrote the book with Ali Sales, another friend of mine. Chris is a founding partner in ExactTarget, the company I’m employed with as a Product Manager. Chris’ blog (along with other fantastic leaders and employees) have pushed ExactTarget into the stratosphere – named one of Inc’s 500 fastest growing companies in the country. Not only have I

Valid Email Address Length

I had to do some digging today to find it, but did you know what the valid length of an email address is? It’s actually broken into parts… This is according to RFC2822. Name can be 1 to 64 characters. Domain can be 1 to 255 characters. Wow… that means that this could be a valid email address: loremaipsumadolorasitaametbaconsectetueraadipiscin gaelitanullamc@loremaipsumadolorasitaametbaconsect etueraadipiscingaelitcaSedaidametusautanisiavehicu laaluctuscaPellentesqueatinciduntbadiamaidacondimn tumarutrumbaturpisamassaaconsectetueraarcubaeuatin ciduntaliberoaaugueavestibulumaeratcaPhasellusatin Try fitting that on a business card! Ironically, most

When will CAN-SPAM evolve past email?

The FTC has shut down quite a few spammers lately. Spam is still a huge issue, I get hundreds of messages a day. I could filter the emails (I used to use MailWasher) but gave up. There are other alternatives – using a SPAM service that requires each person get authorized to email me, but I like being accessible. Now the problem spreads. I get Comment and Trackback Spam on my blog. Every day, I