Valid Email Address Length

Reading Time: < 1 minute I had to do some digging today to find it, but did you know what the valid length of an email address is? It’s actually broken into parts… This is according to RFC2822. Name can be 1 to 64 characters. Domain can be 1 to 255 characters. Wow… that means that this could be a valid email address: loremaipsumadolorasitaametbaconsectetueraadipiscin gaelitanullamc@loremaipsumadolorasitaametbaconsect etueraadipiscingaelitcaSedaidametusautanisiavehicu laaluctuscaPellentesqueatinciduntbadiamaidacondimn tumarutrumbaturpisamassaaconsectetueraarcubaeuatin ciduntaliberoaaugueavestibulumaeratcaPhasellusatin Try fitting that on a business card! Ironically, most

When will CAN-SPAM evolve past email?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The FTC has shut down quite a few spammers lately. Spam is still a huge issue, I get hundreds of messages a day. I could filter the emails (I used to use MailWasher) but gave up. There are other alternatives – using a SPAM service that requires each person get authorized to email me, but I like being accessible. Now the problem spreads. I get Comment and Trackback Spam on my blog. Every day, I

Happy Birthday to Me!

Reading Time: < 1 minute ExactTarget is a great place to work! This morning my lunch buddies/co-workers/co-spouses surprised me with a well-decorated pod. Complete with birthday confetti (careful not to get any in my keyboard), Happy Birthday ribbon, an Expresso machine (!!!), Dr. Grip Gel Fine Point pen, Expo Dry Erase Marker with magnetic bracket and eraser on the tip, AND a “Tide To Go” Stain Remover (since I always return from lunch with a single drop of something on