5 Email Optimization Tips to Increase Opens and Clicks

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It doesn’t get much simpler than this infographic from ContentLEAD. Prospects are inundated with email due to the low cost per lead and high conversion rate. But that spells a huge problem… your email is lost in the inbox amongst hundreds or thousands of other push marketing messages.

What can you do to differentiate your email communications from the crowd? Here are 5 elements within the anatomy of an email message along with the impact that optimization can have:

  1. Succinct subject lines can lead to 20% higher open rates on average.
  2. Personalized Greetings can lead to 129% higher click-through rates.
  3. Non-Corporate Speak can lead to 24% more clicks.
  4. Add Images for 82% increased attention.
  5. Segmented messages and audiences lead to 50% more clicks.

Because email campaigns are so effective, almost every brand uses them. Prospects’ inboxes are flooded with emails from companies and your clients have to sort out the valuable messages from the spam. This infographic gives you a quick look at the anatomy of a successful email message so you can bring the most successful practices to the content you share with your audience. ContentLEAD

Email Optimization for Increasing Clicks and Opens

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