Advanced Reputation Monitoring for Email Marketers

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We've written about 250ok in the past and they continue to enhance their deliverability offerings. Most large email marketers aren't even aware that they can have very high deliverability percentages, but their email may be stuck in a SPAM filter. Deliverability simply means the message was delivered… not that it made the inbox. While other solutions in this space are expensive, 250ok is an affordable solution that offers even more capabilities – and today's announcement of their email reputation marketing takes it up another notch!

Reputation Informant provides the visibility and insight you need to identify problematic mailing activity across your outbound mail streams as well as phishing attempts or unauthorized sending that could damage your brand. A perfect compliment to our inbox and blacklist monitoring tools, Reputation Informant monitors your IP addresses and domains and provides the details necessary to take corrective action when a problem arises.

250ok is a partner of ours – we use them to monitor our own email reputation – and this new feature offers email marketers two unique reputation management tools – the ability to monitor their brand against fraudulent mailings and spam traps.

Protect your Brand from Phishing, Spamming and Spoofing

Monitor Email Phishing Reputation

250ok Reputation Informant allows email marketers and email service providers to monitor their domains for unauthorized emailing or phishing attempts. Reporting allows you to see where fraudulent mail is coming from – broken down by IP and country. You can view message links and see where spammers are attempting to route your customers to.

Protect your Brand from Email Spam Traps

Monitor Spam Traps

Keep your email lists client from email addresses that have been added to trap your brand and get you stuck in SPAM traps that result in poor deliverability or blocking altogether by Internet Service Providers. 250ok's Reputation Informant allows email marketers to gain critical insight into their outbound mail activity and identify issues that impact their reputation.

You can audit your email lists and easily see which IPs, email addresses, and domains are sending bad mail. If you're an Email Service Provider, you can also see whether or not your clients have proper authentication (DKIM, SPF records) in place. All of reputation data can be exported down to the individual messages.

If you're sending hundreds of thousands of emails per month, you may be leaving a lot of money on the table by not monitoring your email reputation. Sign up for a demo of 250ok today!

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