Dick’s Sporting Goods Driving Social Media with Email

Last week I found a great example of a really unobtrusive way to use email marketing as a way to drive traffic to social media. The email came from Dick's Sporting Goods.

It was a simple, well-designed email that had a very simple call to action: Follow us on Twitter and receive an exclusive discount code:
dick%27s email

Why it's good

Dick's did a good job of using a traditional tool, email marketing, to drive traffic to one of those shiny new social media tools.  What a lot of marketers overlook is that having a good social media presence isn't just setting up post at each outlet and waiting for people to find you. You actually have to drive traffic to get people to start engaging with you! Simple concept, I know, but often an overlooked one when defining your social strategy.

Why it works:

  1. Not only is there an incentive to follow Dick's Sporting Goods on Twitter, but the offer, an exclusive (at least to their twitter followers) offer makes you feel like you are getting something no one else has. You are in the Dick's Sporting Goods Twitter circle and you benefit from it.
  2. It's a soft sell, it's not intrusive, and it doesn't require a lot of action. That's more than one – but you see what I am getting at.

The Result

Many of the traditional barriers have been removed for me to participate with or buy from Dick's using this strategy. It was easy to follow the link, hit follow and get a discount code and now that I have a discount code, my next step is probably to their website to see if there is something I didn't know I needed until I had that excuse to go shopping – brilliant!

And now they have two permission-based mediums to market to me at… email and Twitter!


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    This is why social marketing invests in social communities with useful content/solutions as well as participation and recognition. While "traditionally" an email offer is created based on what the company wants to sell, a social marketing effort focuses more on involving communities with creating the offer as well as promoting it

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