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Yesmail Adds External Email Triggers for Sports and Weather

As marketers, we tend to think of customer data and behavior as static fields like age, postal code, and home owner. However, we miss out on the live stream of events that occur around the customers’ life. Events as simple as the weather changing can alter a consumer’s behavior and shopping habits. If snow is on the way, for example, we may be shopping for new tires or a snowblower for our driveway.

Targeted, timely, and contextually relevant communications receive the highest consumer engagement. Triggered campaigns fit all of these descriptors and typically achieve 2.5 times the open rate of business-as-usual campaigns, and twice their click rate. However, marketers are still struggling with setting up and deploying innovative triggered messages. Yesmail Trigger Intelligence allows marketers to harness the power of natural weather conditions and sporting events to setup triggered email campaigns that speak to their subscribers’ interests, location, and immediate environment, in real-time.

Typically, email service providers make the client responsible for programming email triggers utilizing their application programming interface. It’s great to see Yesmail Trigger Intelligence offered, making it much easier for the average business to integrate event trigger campaigns into their marketing mix.

Trigger Intelligence for Weather


Trigger Intelligence for Weather enables marketers to schedule email campaigns that deploy offers when a pre-set weather condition occurs in a particular geographic location. Weather filters include:

  • Temperature range
  • Precipitation range
  • Wind speed range
  • Weather conditions: cloudy, fog, freezing rain, hail, rain, snow, sunny, thunderstorm

Trigger Intelligence for Sports


Trigger Intelligence for Sports gives marketers the ability to schedule email communications that deploy when a specific sporting event outcome occurs. Sports filters include:

  • Duration (game completion, half time, quarter/period completion)
  • Final outcome (win/loss)
  • Points scored (after 5 touchdowns, after 1st goal, after 100 baskets, etc.)

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