Email Viewing Habits are Rapidly Changing

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This incredible infographic from Litmus shows the drastic change in email viewing behavior just in the last year! From the infographic:

Email remains the strongest online activity around the globe. In fact, email users are expected to reach 3.8 billion by 2014; that is nearly half of the earth’s current population, and a significant climb from 2.9 billion reported users in 2010. Now that most are equipped with smartphones and iPads, is anyone still logging on to view their messages on a monitor? Here, we take a look at how our phones and other technological “toys” have changed the way we view email.

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    Great article! Awesome graphic and really excellent information, very easily readable. Our clients at report similar findings based on their analytics and ours as well. Email remains very powerful at this point and seeing statistics like this makes me even more confident that we’re providing a valuable service to our clients!

    Thanks for the article!

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