Take Knotice! Bridging the Marketing Technology Gaps

Knotice Personal Relevance MarketingIn 2006, I may have been a little premature when I predicted that 2007 would be the year of graphical user interface integration. It really didn't go mainstream, but some companies were definitely working on it!

For 2008, I predicted more ‘micro' strategies – including email marketing. ExactTarget, for example, had recently announced the planned release of landing pages. Some companies are taking it a bit further, though!

Knotice may be my prediction!

This week, I had the pleasure in speaking with Brian Deagan, CEO of Knotice. I've spoken before about how difficult it is for marketers to actually create an execute a strategy when marketing. “batch and blast” is the norm because all the time is done in the actual execution of the email than the preparation. It's so essential that a company put out a campaign on ‘the date' that they ignore whether or not the actual campaign was relevant and would meet its readers' expectations.

Since 2003, Knotice has been quietly working on bridging the gap! Knotice has combined email, mobile marketing, web pages, analytic data, surveys and search terms to deploy targeted communications across all mediums. Rather than ‘fishing with dynamite', Knotice concentrates the right bait in the right places!

An Example of Multi-Stage Marketing

I search Google for a lens for my daughter's Nikon D40 and end up at a website. Analytics will provide the search terms that I utilized to get to the site. If leveraged, the website would now know that I have a Nikon D40.

Now – when I return to the site or – even better – in an email that I sign up for to the site, I get relevant product offers regarding the Nikon D40 from now on. Perhaps I answer a few questions on a survey about my interest in photography, and the content is targeted even further into landscape, profile, or micro photography products, books, and DVDs.

Here's the blurb from Knotice on their Concentri platform:

Through our platform Concentri, we offer a simple and powerful way for creating and managing highly relevant, multi-stage communications across email, mobile, and web channels. With Concentri, marketers can easily engage today's digital consumers to grow revenue, while maintaining a consistent brand experience, streamlining marketing operations, and eliminating redundant costs. And because it's delivered on-demand, marketers only pay for what they need.

Best of all, Knotice isn't requiring everything is hosted and run from their website. They have a robust Web Service and their personalized content offering can be embedded in your website – either through a div or iframe. Powerful!

It appears that Knotice is much further down the road than other companies in this space. So many web, analytics and email service providers are so busy concentrating on their competition and their own silos, they are forgetting the real issue – businesses are spending too much time, effort, and money integrating all of these disparate solutions to get meaningful results.

I look forward to seeing more from Knotice!

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    Want a great inexpensive lens for a Nikon D40? Sigma has a 17-35mm f/2.8-4 which you can get from Cameta thru Amazon for $240. It’s the only f/2.8 lens with built-in lens focus motor that the D40 requires for autofocus under $1000, and I’ve been really happy with mine.

    Most of my recent photos have been taken with that lens. For example.

    As an aside, I won’t be using the D40 or that lens much anymore as these pictures, taken with the D40 and my Sigma 17-35mm f/2.8-4 lens show why! 🙂

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