Emailvision Launches Email, Social and Customer Intelligence

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Back in April, we announced that Emailvision had purchased SmartFOCUS. It's now October and the results of the integration are nothing short of amazing, combining Email, Social and Customer Intelligence in a single solution. Emailvision has officially announced the release of Campaign Commander Enterprise.

SmartFOCUS had a client-server solution with an incredible user interface and proprietary database that made it simple to build terabyte-sized data warehouses but easily slice and dice them in real-time – in a single drag and drop interface.

Prior to the SmartFOCUS acquisition, Emailvision purchased Objective Marketer – a social media dashboard. It appears they've combined the best features of social and customer intelligence technologies in their newest product release, Campaign Commander Enterprise. Words don't do it justice… so here's a video they've put together:

  • What is the industry problem? The online environment has created an overabundance of data, but a big issue for the ad/marketing industries has been actually doing anything with it. Generating actionable insights from data has been resource intensive and on-premise customer intelligence solutions have come with prohibitive set-up and licensing costs.
  • How does Campaign Commander Enterprise Edition Solve this Problem? Emailvision is giving marketers an affordable way to quickly turn data from their email, mobile and social campaigns into usable behavioral intelligence. With this intelligence, they can better segment customers and offer more relevant messages on the fly. End-users have seen a dramatic increase in revenue from up- and cross-sell alone.
  • What have the beta customers said? Clients in the beta test program report that the product speeds up the process of searching millions of customer records to identify opportunities from days to mere seconds.
  • What’s the advantage of SaaS? While customer intelligence is valuable, in the past it has also been expensive. On-premise solutions ran about $1M and took months to implement. It also took data analysts to understand the results. Campaign Commander Enterprise Edition gives allows anyone to quickly visualize data and follow their train of thought to develop new segments that can be used immediately.
  • Why should you care about Emailvision? Emailvision is going through a time of considerable expansion and innovation. After acquiring smartFOCUS and ObjectiveMarketer this year, the company has offices and client service teams in 19 countries and executes campaigns worldwide. The new product offers the most comprehensive, sophisticated on-demand online relationship marketing tool set to significantly increase the relevance and profitability of customer relationship marketing programs.

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Congratulations to the Nick, Charles and the team at Emailvision! DK New Media was working with the team at the time of their acquisition of SmartFOCUS and it's exciting to see this truly revolutionary advancement in the industry. Sign up for a demonstration at Emailvision's Campaign Commander Enterprise site.

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