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Years ago, I worked for a great company called ASTECH InterMedia in Denver, Colorado. The company was the premier database marketing company for the newspaper industry and run by a great person (and friend) Tom Ratkovich. Back when tera wasn’t in the vocabulary, we were designing and building multi-terabyte marketing data warehouses for some of the largest newspapers in the world.

smartfocusIt was an amazing time and led to my move to Indianapolis to design, develop and implement database marketing technologies for the regional newspaper. We were utilizing a tool called SmartFOCUS Viper at the newspaper, through a firm Praesage. Through a partnership, Bruce Taylor of Praesage built householding and prospecting tools that were out of this world… and have advanced to this day.

The toolsets were so advanced that I contacted Tom and told him about them… little did I know what would happen next! Tom’s company adopted Praesage’s tools and deployed SmartFOCUS for its clients. ASTECH InterMedia was then purchased by SmartFOCUS – a great advancement for the US industry.

Years later, through a relationship with some industry professionals, our firm worked with Emailvision. Emailvision is a global email service provider who is expanding it’s footprint well beyond email and mobile. They recently purchased Objective Marketer to dive into the social media industry with a great social publishing and measurement platform.

Now, Emailvision is purchasing SmartFOCUS. This is quite a combination! SmartFOCUS has primarily been a client/server installed application but recently announced a Software as a Service model. Having experienced their toolset in the past, I can tell you that once these user interfaces hit the SaaS market, it’s a game-changer for the industry. SmartFOCUS utilized drag and drop Venn-style query builders that made advanced database marketing incredibly simple. Combined with calculated fields, the platform was the best in the industry, and the proprietary database was faster than any other relational database I had ever used.

Emailvision now has deep ties throughout the globe and advanced marketing industries. They already had an email marketing and mobile marketing platform that was optimized for ecommerce use… these mergers and acquisitions will provide the technology and people resources that could make them the most sophisticated smart marketing tools on the planet.

Here’s a recent video from the team at Emailvision, great to see they’re still having fun!

It’s a big world, but amazing how many connections I have that continue to resurface over my career. I look forward to continuing to work with all of these companies and fine people!


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