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Enrich Your Facebook Page with North Social | Marketing Tech Blog

Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore Facebook when it comes to social media engagement. Although some experts advocate focusing on your brand via website, blogs, email marketing, etc., it still does not hurt to have a strong Facebook presence, which in turn can boost website traffic.

North Social provides the framework to enrich your Facebook page with applications that fuel engagement.

The app templates offered include Sweepstakes, Deal Share, Exclusive, Fan Coupon, Video Channel, Photo Showcase, Sign Up, First Impression, Show and Sell, Partner Pages, Document Display, RSS Feed, Donate, Viral Wave, Video Premier, Twitter Feed, Volunteer and Map It. Notable exclusions, however, are apps that allow launching photo contest or any other user generated contests.

Customization with the relevant text, images and links is easy and straightforward through a content management system attached to each app.

A noteworthy feature with each app is “fan gate.” When this feature is activated, a visitor will have to “like” the page before being allowed to interact with the app. The apps also integrate seamlessly with North Social CRM that provides analytic tools and ability to automate emails and other scheduled tasks.

Enrich Your Facebook Page with North Social | Martech Zone

The pricing plans are per page and not for specific apps. Prices start at $19.99 per month for a single page, and depend on the number of fans in the page. Subscribers may use all the apps on offer on the page. A free trial option is available from the main menu.

North Social relieves the marketer from the technical side of engagement through Facebook, allowing them to launch dynamic apps without writing any code. How these apps work in driving engagement depends on how the marketer chooses to use it.

Watch a review of North Social apps:

View samples of how marketers and brands have used North Social on their Facebook pages:

To sign up and subscribe to the apps, simply go to the required app and click on “Install this app” tab. The system will guide the user through the registration and sign up process. To get in touch or to know more, simply click on the “Need to talk?” link that appears on the homepage.

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