29 Enterprise Social Communication Platforms

Online project management systems have evolved into social collaboration platforms, incorporating activity streams, tasks, scheduling, document management and integrations to external systems. This is an industry that’s progressing quickly and there are many players in the industry. We attempted to identify the top players in the enterprise social communication platform market here!

Azendoo is the social task management solution that simplifies teamwork. Effortlessly share projects, organize your time and manage priorities. Reduce your inbox and get things done.

Bizzmine – Online app for contact management, document sharing, calendar, to-dos and other tasks.

Bloomfire connects people who have knowledge with those who need it. Create new videos and posts, search and browse enduring content, ask and answer important questions and find and follow experts.

Brightpod is the easiest project collaboration software that your marketing team will use to feel calm, focused and in control. Trusted by more than 428 companies.

Clinked – Be Social. Collaborate with your clients, partners, and employees more efficiently! Go beyond file sharing and integrate content with stakeholder feedback in a single view. Everything in one place to make your collaboration easy.

CollabSpot Boards is a Google Apps project management tool based on collaborative boards.

Discuzz – A new way to communicate with your customers and partners.

Fuzed – Organize disconnected enterprise data into easy-to-discover content, uncover valuable expertise and knowledge—and transform it into capital.

GraphEffect is a bit different, targeting marketing agencies and their clients. Getting your job done doesn’t mean just working inside a single organization. Teams allow you to collaborate with co-workers, agencies, vendors, or anyone you do business with.

Hall – Your Virtual Office. Stay in touch with your team anywhere, anytime.

Jive – Inside companies, the Jive platform powers viral enterprise social networks where employees connect and collaborate. Externally, it supports vibrant customer communities that dramatically improve service, support, marketing and sales.

JoinCube – Allow your team to collaborate using your own internal social network, create groups, send private messages, assign todo’s, meetings, simple and complex tasks.

MangoApps is an enterprise social network that comes standard with a suite of business applications that seamlessly work together and are available everywhere – web, desktop, mobile & tablets.

Microsoft Yammer is a Private Social Network for Your Company. Collaborate securely across departments, geographies, content and business applications.

Oogwave is for your team – and for the whole company. You can work with everyone on Oogwave. Get work done with your colleagues in workspaces or create separate workspaces for your clients, contractors and suppliers.

Podio – Get work done with your co-workers and clients on a social work platform that you make your own. Work with any group of people inside a workspace and your entire company in your Employee Network.

Protonet is actually the software and the server all in one. You can rent an account online or you can purchase the 16Tb server with the system preinstalled!

Pulse – Enable your employees to collaborate seamlessly across your company. Engage your partners and customers by connecting them with the relevant knowledge, content and systems.

Qontext – is a social collaboration platform that facilitates content sharing, contextual conversations, collaboration across business applications, and enterprise-grade security and privacy options.

Refinder lets you connect your cloud apps to a secure project room. Keep using the apps you love – and see all activities and data of your team in one place. Integrate Twitter, Google Docs and Dropbox!

Salesforce Chatter – Make business processes social. Collaborate in real time, in context, from anywhere.

SAP SuccessFactors cloud-based business execution software can help you improve strategic alignment, increase efficiency and productivity, and accelerate results.

Socialcast is the enterprise social networking platform that connects people to the knowledge, ideas and resources they need to work better together.

Status.net – Open Source that can be downloaded for free and installed wherever you’d like.

Swabr – Start a conversation, read posts and actively collaborate with your coworkers in real-time.

Tracky – Connect. Collaborate. Share.

WorkSimple – a social performance management system that works the way you do – nimble, collaborative, and results-driven. Make the switch to WorkSimple’s Social Goals.

Wrike is an online platform for making work fast, easy and efficient in co-located and distributed teams.

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      Hi @facebook-1097683082:disqus! Many of these platforms have integrations and features that don’t overlap one another. It’s difficult for companies to first purchase a software platform and then try to adjust their internal process to accommodate it. That typically leads to failure.

      We recommend documenting your internal process – including before and after things happen, and then you can typically find a platform that closely matches. For instance, if you utilize email a lot… then a platform that reads email responses and pushes notifications out through email with finite control would work. But if you use Salesforce… then you may want to use one that integrates specifically. Hope that helps!

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    Thanks a lot for the list. Some of the names are absolutely new for and it is even great as i have a chance to get to know a new tool. i have been using Comindware task management system which is also great for communication, project management.

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