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Americans are increasingly choosing rental housing as the number of married couples with children decreases dramatically and Millenials choose to be renters for mobility, comfort, and financial reasons.

With the uptick in millennials saturating the rental market, it’s no surprise that recent studies have found that 74 percent of prospective apartment renters are taking to the internet using their mobile devices for their apartment search. Posting to internet listing sites, mobile website optimization, social media, and reputation management are top of mind for apartment managers. However, the ever-changing pricing landscape of apartments, influx of resident posts to social media and review sites, and a myriad of internet listing sites have made it an almost impossible task for managers to keep up.

Entrata’s Marketing Suite

Entrata’s Marketing Suite is a comprehensive, cloud-based marketing solution helping the apartment industry take control of their pricing, reputation, and postings all while driving more traffic to their property websites.

Thinking Inside the Box

Property managers can find all the features and services they need to market their property within the scope of the Entrata platform. They no longer need to get creative or think outside the box for their marketing needs because our platform does it all for them. Here are the offerings:

ProspectPortal is a completely responsive website solution that allows an apartment community to show their available rental listings in real-time on their website. The CMS allows the property to swap out photos, enter SEO keywords, add fresh content and switch to a new web design with just a few clicks in the Entrata dashboard. In addition, our sites incorporate lead generation tools (guest card integration, ratings and reviews, online leasing options, and live chat) to help turn website traffic into actual leads.

We can measure the success of any type of marketing campaigns that we run, whether it’s search engine optimization, pay per click or even a postcard campaign. From web traffic, number of guest cards and conversion rates, the platform tells us everything we need to know. Meghan Hill, Guardian Real Estate, 150 properties using Prospect Portal

  • ILS Portal™ – Saving Time, Reducing Data Entry

The ILS Portal piece of the Entrata dashboard controls all of a property’s online marketing with automated feeds to all major internet listing services. It instantly removes leased units and updates all sites with any changes made to pricing and other unit conditions.

We’re most successful at getting all of our posts on Craigslist and staying on top of the search results. Posting directly to Craigslist without the tool was cumbersome and time consuming, so it was difficult for our property managers to post as often as we asked. Now, we are getting increased traffic across all properties from Craigslist because of it. Amber Ammons, Marketing and Training Director, Fore Property Company

The Entrata Pricing piece of the Entrata dashboard monitors the entire rent lifecycle and the competitive landscape to forecast the most accurate assessment of pricing tolerance for the apartment community. Apartment managers can view the pricing data in an intuitive interface with easy-to-read graphs and charts for at-a-glance comprehension of why and how prices are moving.

ReputationAdvisor gathers a properties’ reviews from across the web into one interface on the Entrata dashboard that also includes a complete social media and review content management system. The reporting system helps the property measure performance over time, highlighting the properties’ strengths and weaknesses.

Entrata recently gathered data on the perceptions and valuation of reviews and social media for more than 2,000 apartment residents.

Click here to read the full study

  • SEO Services – Increasing Visibility, Increasing Traffic

We offer our clients with both onpage and off-page SEO strategies to increase visibility and traffic to their website. In addition, our team provides a diverse online reputation management strategy that includes everything from creating original content to linking the properties page with reputable media sites.

LeadManager consolidates all a property’s guest card traffic into the Entrata dashboard. It compiles and organizes all of a properties lead sources whether it be walk-ins, phone calls, or online inquiries to provide for easy follow-up and tracking of correspondence with leads.  With all the lead traffic and reporting captured in one spot, properties are able to contact more leads, compare results, and make smart decisions on where to spend marketing dollars.

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