BuzzRadar: Social Command Centers and Event Visualization

buzz radar doodle 17th 1026x480

We’ve written about the incredible changes in visual displays that are being experienced in sports venues with Postano (who built our mobile application).

This is a growing segment of technology. In my opinion, I believe most companies will have their own visualization boards and command centers, though they may not be as spectacular as Buzz Radar‘s for the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show:

Currently in Beta, Buzz Radar is headquartered in London and provides the following:

  • Content Visualizations – Smart Twitter Wall, Real Time Photo Gallery, Animated Word Cloud. Access to the deep dive insights platform.
  • Data Visualizations – Most Talked About, Twitter Daily Health Monitor & Facebook Daily Health Monitor Visualisations. Access to deep dive insights platform.
  • Bespoke – Buzz Radar can design a specifically tailored visualization to plug into your own data?

Buzz Radar’s new ‘Listening Post’ system will enable companies to build their own visualizations in 10 minutes for their brand or event.

What do you think?

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