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eventbriteEventbrite was founded in early 2006 and monthly volumes of tickets distributed are already in the millions with tens of thousands of users. I saw my first Eventbrite invitation from an event promoted by Dr. Thomas Ho and I’ve utilized it for 3 events already.

eventbrite wizard

Though clean, the interface is a little clunky. There are a TON of features packed into this application and that’s, no doubt, the challenge for locating the right menus in the right places. If all you wish to do is add a quick event and invite a few folks, there’s a nice plain 4-step wizard.

If you want to do more advanced options (surveys, auto-responders, discount codes), you have to search a little harder. I did find all the help I needed in their help files and, in addition, they have a TON of helpful Tutorials!

If you’re wondering why you wouldn’t do this yourself, there are a few reasons:

  • IMO, the greatest advantage of Eventbrite is that you’re automatically publishing your event to Eventful’s evdb (Events and Venues Database). This promotes your event well beyond the boundaries of your own readers and makes it accessible to other sites, such as Yahoo’s Upcoming.
  • Next is the robust payment and ticketing system, this is a headache that you simply don’t want to deal with on your own! Eventbrite even has a refund mechanism!

There are a ton of other cool features – published guest lists, RSS feeds to your events, Facebook integration, Paypal integration, Google Checkout integration, a robust API, a method of simply publishing your own event page, an affiliate program… you name it! And, you can keep tabs on their development through the Eventbrite blog.

Watch your back, Eventbrite!

Standby, though! I got to evaluate some Email Service Provider applications at one time and TicketMaster was in the mix. Though they aren’t the most well-loved business in the ticketing industry, TicketMaster is territorial and extremely aggressive.

I’m not sure how much longer TicketMaster, with its stranglehold on the industry and exorbitant fees, is going to stand by and let a great startup like Eventbrite continue to grow in success! They may not be able to catch up, though, if Eventbrite continues to innovate!


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