Evercontact: Update your Contact info with Inbound Email Signatures

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About half an hour ago, a PR person called me to start an online interview… I answered the phone and said, “Hi Rebecca – I'm ready to go!” and she was surprised that I knew who was calling. The reason why I know is that Rebecca had contacted me a few times to coordinate the event and her contact details were automatically added to my Google contacts, and synchronized to my phone.


It's a fantastic service called Evercontact. Evercontact intelligently scans your incoming email and auto-enriches contact details in your address book and CRM. Evercontact supports Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, and Salesforce.

Best of all, you don't need to do anything – Evercontact scans your incoming email for email signatures in the background and automatically updates the contact's details. They even provide a daily report of the changes!


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    Signatures are not reliable as data source. I suggest instead to manage contacts using GlipMe, that then can feed GMail and any smartphone with updated contacts.

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        this is what evercontact reported from my gmail mailbox: “Less Good news: Bummer! Doesn’t seem like our system found any contacts to update for you today, but soon for sure. :)”

        signatures are just arbitrary text in a text flow…

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