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Extole: Brand Advocacy and Referral Marketing

As consumers become more tone-deaf to interruptive marketing, it’s imperative that brands identify their advocates and provide them the tools necessary to help refer their products and services. Extole’s referral marketing platform creates advocacy programs that scale for the biggest brands.

On-Brand Sharing

Create an effortless, integrated advocate-sharing experience. A referral program tailored to your brand will turn more of your customers into advocates and increase brand awareness. Extole provides referral marketing software that drives engagement and increases your conversions.

Extole OmniChSharing 042318
  • Pre-built sharing and referral templates
  • Visual editing of the end-to-end referral content for an on-brand experiences
  • Beautiful designs look great on mobile, on the web, or in your app
  • Personalized share codes and incentives
  • Streamlined referral experiences make it easy for consumers to share
  • Language localization for international reach

Reward Engine

Your advocates and their friends expect instant rewards, and you can customize these incentives to perfection for each referral marketing campaign. Real-time rewards create instant gratification and encourage even more sharing and referrals. We’ve also got built-in fraud protection, so you can protect your brand and your margin.

Extole RewardEng 042318
  • Handle multiple types of rewards, both internal and external
  • Reward with coupons, loyalty points, gift cards, and more with our automatic reward engine
  • Delight customers with the perfect, tested reward offer
  • Provide support for international rewards
  • Customize rewards for each campaign, so you can track which incentives work
  • Set sophisticated rules to detect and prevent low-quality referrals.

Brand Advocate Profiles

The Extole platform makes it easy to find and reach great influencers. Your best customers – those who share and those who respond – are your unique advantage. Use first-party and social network data about your advocates to power your marketing efforts.

Extole AdvProfileMngr 042318
  • Modern and secure referral software with detailed segmentation and reporting to understand exactly who your advocates are and how they’re sharing
  • Real-time reports on your top sharers, biggest influencers, and revenue drivers
  • Easy, automatic discovery of influencers, brand advocates, and networks
  • Enhanced profiles of your key advocates using data from multiple social platforms
  • Reward the right advocates in real-time

Targeting and Testing

With audience specific targeting, Extole makes it to easy tailor rewards, content, and even business rules based on different audience segments. This ability lets enterprises easily manage multiple simultaneous programs. In addition, each program can have mutliple variants in order to a/b test any aspect of your referral program. 

Extole InsightABtest 042318
  • Test creative, offer, and business rules to understand performance.
  • Easily assign different audiences to different programs in order to have tailored experiences.
  • Manage programs, campaigns, and tests in a single dashboard that gives immediate insight and control. 

Advanced Referral Marketing Capabilities

Extole offers a variety of advanced features and capabilities that help you extend the reach and impact of your advocacy marketing.

Extole TempAndCustom 042318
  • Run increased reward bursts to spark more advocacy and keep your program fresh.
  • Let your customers share specific items so that they can recommend not just your brand but the perfect product. 
  • Engage influencers with special Extole campaigns that track and reward them.

Integration Capabilities

You know that refer-a-friend programs need to be friction-free. Sharing and referring must be as easy as possible for your customers. Our powerful API and webhooks give your customers a seamless experience across your app and website, no matter what device they’re using.

Extole APIwebhooks 042318
  • Referral marketing APIs are purpose-built for mobile apps
  • Integration with your customer’s smartphone and social sharing platforms
  • Works alongside app-tracking solutions
  • Set up easy promotion and sharing for your consumers through our APIs
  • Create a full, creative API for customized user experiences
  • Administer API-powered conversions and rewards

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Douglas Karr

Douglas Karr is the founder of the Martech Zone and a recognized expert on digital transformation. Douglas has helped start several successful MarTech startups, has assisted in the due diligence of over $5 bil in Martech acquisitions and investments, and continues to launch his own platforms and services. He's a co-founder of Highbridge, a digital transformation consulting firm. Douglas is also a published author of a Dummie's guide and a business leadership book.

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